About Us

Molygran is a family business and is recognised as a leading polystyrene supplier in the UK.

With almost 40 years experience converting and supplying expanded polystyrene (EPS), we are the go-to company for jobs requiring innovative design and precision tooling. We can profile cut any shape you want. Above all, our reputation for exceptional customer service and quality is second to none.

We produce single items or tens of thousands and make everything to order, with guaranteed, timely delivery dates. At Molygran, nothing is ‘off the shelf’ but we’ll still meet your deadlines. To achieve this, we invest in the latest machinery (including CAD), this is also supported by a stringent maintenance regime. We have also recently completely refurbished and extended our factory to accommodate future growth.

We offer every customer a design service, as a result, always looking for the best solution to your needs. From experience, we know what works best and often a cost-effective solution (e.g. using a less expensive, lower density polystyrene) will do just as good a job.

This is the golden thread that runs through everything we do and therefore has made Molygran a success – our complete commitment to you, our customers. If we’ve made your business better through our work, then we’re happy.


Why Polystyrene?

Molygran are EPS specialists, designing and producing products for many industries. Our polystyrene solutions are predominately used for three sections; protective packaging, design and display products, and also construction solutions.

Expanded Polystyrene for Custom Packaging


Molygran do not offer “standard” off the shelf products as all our packaging solutions are bespoke to your needs.
We are proud of our packaging solutions, as supported by our customer satisfaction levels and testimonials. We have designed numerous custom and bespoke solutions, from unusual one-off pieces to tens of thousands that need to be dispatched safely and securely
Expanded Polystyrene for Promotional Items


Have you considered using polystyrene in your projects? If you already use it, you’ll know how versatile polystyrene is.

It adds uniqueness to your signage, event decorations, display or merchandising stand. Polystyrene can be the missing link in your spectacular display. From giant letters to 3D cut figures, there really is no limit to what polystyrene can be used for!


Expanded Polystyrene for Construction and Civils


Made from 98% air, using no harmful CFC’s during manufacturing, polystyrene is an environmentally friendly product which is extremely popular for use in construction and civils. We supply everything from simple polystyrene blocks and boards for sound and heat insulation through to CNC cut and assembled products tailor-made to your specifications including void formers, column formers, lintel fills, bolt boxes and many more.


Molygran was established and is still owned by the Eastham family, and it remains very much a family in its day-to-day operation. Our small but vastly experienced and dedicated team has over 150 years of service, and we treat our customers like members of this family.

Molygran – your partner in excellence.

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