Meet the Team Molygran

Molygran & Co. Ltd have been in business since 1979, founded by Bryan Eastham, Jack Martin and Ingrid Hitchon.

The “Molygran Family” is a vastly experienced and loyal team, and with over 150 years’ of service we are solidly based in the local community. Because of our experience, we know what works best, and the most cost-effective solution, e.g. whether a less expensive, lower density polystyrene will do equally as good a job. Our CAD facilities can be used for one-offs or large batches. Through our product design service, our experienced team will work with you to find the best solution to your needs and supplying a pre-production sample where needed.

The business is resilient, overcoming major setbacks such as Bryan’s untimely death, a major fire at earlier premises and the retirements of Jack and most recently Ingrid.

Molygran is still owned by the Eastham family, and it remains very much a family in its day-to-day operation. Our small but vastly experienced and dedicated team treat our customers like members of this family.