Budget 2018 - Single Use Plastic Packaging
29th November 2018

Single Use Plastic Packaging Details from Budget 2018

At the end of October (29.10.2018), the government revealed the details of 2018’s budget, which featured the future plans for single-use plastics, specifically for packaging products.

“In a long-awaited statement for the industry, the Chancellor confirmed that a new tax will be introduced from 1st April 2022 on produced or imported packaging that does not include at least 30% recycled content.”

With £20 million set aside to tackle the problem, £10 million for plastics research and development and £10 million to improve recycling, the UK are attempting to find their way of “Tackling the Plastic Problem”.

Molygran have our own and different ideas as to how to “tackle the problem”.

The Plastic Problem.

The “Plastic Problem” is something that has been discussed widely. 2.26 million tonnes of plastic packaging is used in the UK each year, and here at Molygran we do not try to hide from the responsibility that being plastic packaging manufacturers brings.

Plastic packaging comes in many forms, from PET soft drink bottles, HDPE milk bottles, PVC shrink wrap, LDPE bread bags, PP yoghurt pots, PP rigid packaging, EPS and take out containers. It is any wonder with such a wide range of plastic packaging, that when it comes to recycling or disposing of it, we have a nationwide issue.

Government research earlier in the year received an unprecedented 162,000 responses demonstrating the strong public interest in tackling this issue. It has been estimated by The World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) if we continue to use and dispose of our plastic packaging as we have previously and do not change our ways, it will continue to increase by over a million tonnes by 2030.

Plastic Packaging Waste.

We have previously discussed the issues of disposing of packaging waste in our “Packaging Advice” section which can be read here. Whilst there have been big leaps in attempting to improve the UK’s environment over recent years, here at Molygran we truly believe that our recycling system and negative connotations around plastic waste is really holding back the endless and most importantly, positive impacts that can be made with plastic waste. We are extremely excited by the £20million that has been set aside for research and development into plastics and to improve recycling. Not only will the 30% target of recycled content in all plastic packaging begin to reduce plastic waste, but we also hope there will start to be a shift in opinion on plastics and more effort put into fully recycling ALL types of plastic and re-working them into new and usable products.

We have spent quite a bit of time thinking about our future actions to keep in line with these changes. Keep your eyes out for further updates on how Molygran will strive towards helping our local councils continue to improve facilities on plastic packaging!