Expanded polystyrene is a versatile material with numerous applications within the construction and engineering industries.

There are two reasons why Molygran can provide construction and engineering solutions. Firstly, expanded polystyrene has qualities essential to engineering and construction – economy, performance and sustainability. Secondly, our expert designers and cutters can work to the exacting tolerances and timescales required.

You will find Molygran expanded polystyrene in major road, rail and drainage projects across the UK as well as industrial processes and the power industry. We specialise in complex CNC cutting as well as producing assembled products that are tailor-made to your precise requirements. This can be for:

· prevention of cold bridging
· refractory linings in the power industries
· buried utilities protection
· bridge, rail and road widening schemes
· bespoke void and column formers, lintel fills and bolt boxes.

Expanded polystyrene is ideal for the construction and engineering industries due to its versatility. It insulates piping and underfloor heating and provides stud walls with both insulation and soundproofing. Expanded polystyrene is lightweight so both easy and safe to use and install it is also water-resistant and will not bio-degrade, making it popular among architects and the construction sector.

In addition to our specialist products, Molygran supply the sector with polystyrene blocks for heat and sound insulation plus expanded polystyrene for foundation systems, clay heave protection, sub-structures and void-fill blocks, underground heating system support and interior/exterior decorative mouldings.

Molygran has extremely fast turn-around times so we are able to meet tight deadlines and help with those last minute jobs.

Contact us today. We have a solution waiting for your engineering challenge.

Our construction & engineering solutions include –

We also offer –

  • Large polystyrene blocks up to 8’x4’x[4’] 2’ (2440mm/1220mm/[1220]610mm) or 2550mmx1400mmx1040mm
  • Stratocell (Polyethylene) supplied in any amount

Molygran’s solutions for construction & engineering – your partner in excellence.