Making your brand or event stand out starts with Molygran’s polystyrene display solutions.

The range of markets we supply is because of the skills and creativity of the Molygran team. Polystyrene display solutions are cost effective and lightweight therefore they are the perfect addition to any event, trade show or display stand. From a royal throne for a theatre set to a giant mobile phone for an advertising campaign the possibilities are endless.

Molygran has the skills and experience to transform expanded polystyrene into innovative display and merchandising materials as well as design one-offs. We can enhance exhibition stands, transform carnival floats or provide something distinctive for corporate events. Our aim is to draw attention to your products, not ours.

We specialise in custom items such as props and seasonal display solutions, as well as widely used display items such as carpet display boards and cake board dummies. Using CAD technology, we can make expanded polystyrene into any shape be it hearts, snowflakes, dogs, cats, clouds, letters, numbers – the list is endless!

Polystyrene is water-resistant and fire-retardant (if the right grade is specified) therefore complies with all fire regulations. Expanded polystyrene is 98% air so light as a feather whilst being surprisingly robust. We provide a full design service from drawing to production, as well as decoration and delivery. There are a number of finishes available in acrylic, paint, glitter, foamex, vinyl and even polyurethane coated to make polystyrene display solutions waterproof.

Finally no job is too big or too small.  We accept commissions from individuals, small companies or large corporations. What they all seek is Molygran’s display solutions because of our commitment to precision and creative excellence. Contact us now to discuss you design, display and merchandising needs.

Check out some of our Polystyrene Display Solutions –

Other Products Include –

  • Large polystyrene blocks for carving up to 8’x4’x[4’] 2’ (2440mm/1220mm/[1220]610mm) or 2550mmx1400mmx1040mm
  • Expanded Polystyrene and Stratocell (Polyethylene) supplied in any amount

Make your brand stand out with Molygran’s display solutions – your partner in excellence.