EPS is used for environmentally friendly purposes.

It insulates buildings, cutting energy use and its polluting gases such as CO2 and SO2. In addition, EPS packaging reduces breakages and so the need for repeat production or transportation. It’s also greener than moulded paper pulp packaging taking into account energy consumption, water and air pollution and overall carbon footprint.

Contrary to popular belief, waste EPS is 100% recyclable and there are specialist recyclers across the country that process thousands of tonnes each year. Nevertheless we are also 100% committed to further reducing the little waste we currently generate.

At Molygran, each job is bespoke. Every design is tested and checked to ensure the most efficient use is made of the EPS raw material. This is backed by Molygran’s 24/7 commitment to lean manufacturing where we continuously challenge ourselves to improve our production process and waste even less EPS.

The entire Molygran team is currently aiming at another 50% reduction, offering suggestions and trialling new methods on our sophisticated CNC machinery. Our target is to reduce defects, off-cuts, over-production and waiting time.

None of our waste EPS ever goes to landfill. Instead it is recycled to make filling for soft toys. But that’s not good enough for Molygran. We’re going to drive down our waste figures still further.

You can be sure, with us, your polystyrene products are not harming our future.

Molygran – your partner in excellence.