Packing a Punch- GMCC Member
01st December 2014

Packing a Punch – Behind the Scenes at Molygran


We are delighted to have been featured in the Chamber of Commerce publication, 53 Degrees.

Packing a Punch GMCC

We enjoyed showing Jo Preihs from the Chamber around our facilities, and we are really pleased with the article that has been written, you can read it in the November 2014 issue;  we are on page 14.

“Polystyrene: We’ve all seen it, touched it and used it, but how many of us actually know where it comes from and how this incredibly versatile product can be transformed into almost any shape imaginable? Well, polystyrene specialists, Molygran, invited Jo Preihs, the Chamber’s Digital and Social Media Manager, along to their factory in Radcliffe, so she could find out more.”

Member of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce since …, Jo came to visit to dig a little deeper into not only what can be done with polystyrene, but what Molygran is all about. On the tour around the factory, it is clear to see the diverse range of markets Molygran work within, from simple cut sheets of polystyrene for insulation purposes, to complex 3D cut pieces such Christmas snowflake props and snowmen; there really is no limit to what polystyrene can be used for.

If you ever wanted to know what Molygran are all about, this article is the one to read! From the background of Molygran and how we began, to the range of polystyrene products we can manufacture, this article encompasses it all!