18th July 2019

You may have seen our previous release proudly announcing we were winners of 2 of the 3 Made In Bury Awards that we entered for 2018.

As our Director, Patrick Eastham, so happily announced, this was the award we were really keen to be recognised for, especially after the recent budget release for 2018.

As can be seen on the MIBBA website;


Sponsored by HH Smith & Sons

To recognise the businesses that have made an outstanding contribution to reducing their or others environmental impact

Judges will be looking for businesses which:

•    Can demonstrate links between business success and their environmental initiatives
•    Can demonstrate a sustained commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their own or the business of others
•    Can identify a clear strategy for maintaining a commitment to the business’s environmental initiatives in the future”

We felt this award was really important to enter as plastics, and polystyrene in particular, has an extremely bad environmental reputation. Whilst we agree “the plastics problem” is an issue that needs to be tackled, we strongly disagree with the fact that the plastics themselves are the main problem.

We have invested a lot in Molygran over the years, in both our processes and infrastructure to ensure we can continue to have a positive impact on our environment. We take our responsbility seriously, and recognise that as leaders in our market we need to set the example by which others should follow. With this in mind, we felt the Environmental Impact Award would be the recognition for this and hopefully enable us to begin a shift in the general opinion on plastics and the environment.

We’re excited for the changes that are to come in the future with plastics, single-use packaging and recycling. Change, is by many people, feared, but for us here at Molygran we embrace change and relish the challenge. We believe change is important for a sustainable future and we’re ready to embrace it!