Molygran expand polystyrene product range into the low carbon building insulation market
02nd March 2018

Molygran’s Polystyrene Insulation Enter Low Carbon Building Insulation Market


We have seen a lot of changes here at Molygran recently, and the expansion of our polystyrene products into the low carbon insulation market is just one of the ways we’re striving for sustainability. We featured in the Business Growth Hub’s Green Growth Newsletter towards the end of last year.

This expansion has opened up many new opportunities for Molygran that we expect to fuel future growth.


New products, new markets – Polystyrene Insulation

The thermal properties of EPS mean it is ideal for low-cost insulation in buildings;
“Buildings and insulation is effectively a new market for us, something that the Hub’s advice opened our eyes to”, said managing director Keith Fairhurst. “Some of the manufacturing techniques are also new to us so we had to learn to manufacture a product to the consistent level required for these uses.”
We have now developed two new polystyrene insulation products that combine our existing extensive expertise in CNC profile cutting EPS blocks with its new knowledge of thermal efficiency. This includes both a ‘springy’ and tongue-and-groove insulation board, which is already in production and being sold.


squeezy board - polystyrene insulationtongue and groove polystyrene insulation

Environmental performance of EPS

As EPS is 98% air there is little that could be harmful to the environment. When manufactured it uses no CFCs or HCFCs and all emissions are controlled.

Along with its low production impacts it has on the environment, EPS has also been rated A+ for commercial construction applications in the BRE Global Green Guide to Specification (BRE Global Green Guide to Specification (

Water Extraction A+
Mineral Resource Depletion A+
Stratospheric Ozone Depletion A+
Human Toxicity A+
Ecotoxicity A+
Nuclear Waste A+
Waste Disposal A+
Fossil Fuel Depletion A
Eutrophication A+
Acidification A


As we have mentioned, we have also undergone a substantial amount of growth here over the last few years. We have been extremely conscious of ensuring not only the way that we work, but that the building itself is as environmentally friendly as possible.
As our M.D Keith Fairhurst states in the article; “Our new manufacturing site and head office has insulated composite roof panels installed, as well as LED lighting and a more efficient condensing boiler for office heating.”

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