Office Dog(s) - real ones, not polystyrene!
16th October 2017

Baloo Falls For Puppy Love


molygran office dogs


From polystyrene blocks, to polystyrene dogs!


Molygran can make almost anything from polystyrene, including a polystyrene version of Baloo our office dog. Baloo’s been with us at Molygran since 2013. He’s grown accustomed to being Top Dog, receiving all the “oo’s” and “aah’s” as customers pop into the office and getting treats from his no.1 fan Christine in the factory.

However, life has changed dramatically for Baloo in the last month as we have a new addition to the Molygran family. Emily from the office has brought her German Shepherd puppy to work and Baloo has taken to her extremely well. The two enjoy chasing each other around like nutters, whilst Sky chews on Baloo’s collar and Baloo slobbers all over Sky!

You may have seen both as we have been introducing the team via social media. However here is Sky’s official welcome to the Molygran team. In our opinion, no office is complete without an office dog and, when there’s two, it’s fun and games, to say the least.

Baloo and Sky

Dog-friendly offices are becoming increasingly popular and for us, it is clear to see why. There are many reasons why people chose the company of pets. Dogs bring great health benefits. Blood pressure has been proven to lower when petting your dog and they can be a great stress reliever.

Here are our “Top 5 reasons for being a Dog-Friendly Workplace”:

  1. Office Dogs Relieve Stress When we’re having a particularly stressful and busy day in the office, there’s just one thing guaranteed to brighten our day- the woofsters!!! From picking up the puppy for a cuddle to being nose nudged by the big one, they’re an instant stress reliever! It’s particularly amusing when they have a mad moment and chase each other around!
  2. Office Dogs Keep You Active  Baloo has an incredible knack of driving MD Keith absolutely insane until he takes him out for a walk. 10,000 steps a day is the minimum recommended daily amount. Sat at an office desk for 8+ hours a day can make this extremely difficult. This is of course, unless you have a dog dragging you out at any possible chance. There are many ways dogs beg for things, bark, sit and stare, hint by bringing leads etc. Baloo has realised that panting extremely heavily right by Keith is something that really, really, REALLY annoys him and gets him the walk he wants!
  3. Home-Life Balance  A deciding factor on getting a pet is often whether you are at home enough to take care of them. Having the opportunity to bring your dog to work could make the difference. Also, in particularly busy periods employees are often asked to stay behind to get the work done. For those with ties at home, such as a dog, it may not be possible. But if the dog’s with them at the office – problem solved.
  4. Your Dog Will Love You More  Who likes being left locked indoors all day, all alone, with nobody for company… not a dog! Of all the things a dog can teach you, loving unconditionally is most definitely the greatest. The least we can do is to bring them with us to make sure they’re not lonely all day.
  5. Improved Customer Relationship  If there’s one thing all our visiting customers comment on, it’s the dogs! Forget the polystyrene!! Baloo and Sky provide entertainment whilst paperwork is sorted and can often be a nice relief in a delivery driver’s stressful day. 

So, if this isn’t enough to convince you to become a dog-friendly office, we can still help.

Polystyrene dog props are available!

polystyrene dog