Project Overview

polystyrene packaging meerkatsOne of the UK’s largest direct mail order companies faced an issue with its product quality and customer experience and required a wide range of custom packaging to improve their customer satisfaction.

Many products were being repackaged when combined into gift packs, but a 100% cardboard container was then failing to protect them in transit to the customer. This led to the return of broken goods and even personal injury claims, as customers cut themselves on the broken products on delivery.

Their products were often fragile and susceptible to breakages and safe delivery was paramount for the company’s continued growth and success. Getting the packaging right became extremely important.




  • Custom polystyrene packaging can be cut to not only fit around products that need protecting but also within outer cardboard boxes
  • Polystyrene offers more impact protection than cardboard boxes
  • Polystyrene offers cost effective custom packaging
  • Molygran allow companies to work to a “just in time” process with their quick turnaround times
  • Molygran can provide quotes on the same day
  • Molygran go the extra mile with site visits for both collection and drop off of samples for new product lines

The brief The brief

The company’s Head of Quality Control and Purchasing looked for additional packaging to match specific criteria. With a wide range of products to deliver, the material needed to be versatile and provide different levels of support where necessary, as each new product range needed its own custom packaging. It also had to be cheap and light to keep the cost of postage and packaging to a minimum, and fit inside the current gift box range to minimise turnaround times and avoid buying additional boxes.

The solution The solution

Molygran demonstrated that polystyrene could be cut and shaped to be placed inside the box and around the products to secure their positioning. It was the safest and most cost effective option, whilst providing the company with the custom packaging they required.

That was back in 1999 and, over the next 18 years, the process has been perfected. With the company’s product range ever expanding, maintaining quick turnaround times for both quoting and the polystyrene moulds is extremely important.

The company’s Product Packaging Manager is pleased with the results: “If I get a sample on a Monday, Molygran can be in on a Wednesday to pick it up, sometimes the next day, sometimes even the same day, whereas another polystyrene producer did a weekly and fortnightly collections for the samples, it just didn’t flow as well.

“Molygran has been a key supplier for many years; fully understanding our business and needs. They always meet our requirements with a top quality service that for us means a rapid design, sampling and supply that allows our ‘just in time’ process to respond to our own customer’s needs.”

E.P - Buyer and Product Packaging Manager