Project Overview

The Project – Expanded Polystyrene Packaging Supplier

Expanded polystyrene packaging comes in many shapes, sizes and materials. One of many types of packaging polystyrene can be big and bulky, taking up valuable storage space. For many wholesale suppliers this can be a big problem when holding stock for multiple customers.

Molygran can provide a number of services to help to reduce stocks to ensure that storage space is not consumed by expanded polystyrene packaging.
Firstly Molygran offer extremely quick turn around times for orders – alongside a fast track service. This ensures that your orders always reach your customer on time.
Secondly Molygran will produce any number of products from 1 – 100,000 units.  We have very low minimum order quantities meaning our customers only have to order what they require.
At Molygran we do not mold we CNC cut all of our expanded polystyrene packaging. This allows you to order a product just once without very expensive tooling cost.

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  • Polystyrene offers protection within packaging that many other materials cannot
  • Polystyrene sheets are extremely cost effective
  • Polystyrene sheets are often bespoke to meet customers exacting needs
  • Molygran have low minimum order quantities allowing for small jobs to be a possibility
  • Molygran’s rapid order turnaround saves on storage space
  • Molygran provide the polystyrene expertise

The brief The brief

Lancopak, a local, family-run company supplies and stocks a wide range of packaging products required by customers at competitive prices and short notice. Not just polystyrene – also bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard and many other materials. Not surprisingly, their 10,000 sq. feet storage space is always full!

The company’s previous polystyrene packaging supplier would specify large quantities for minimum order. This was too much for immediate requirements and “just in time” deliveries were not offered, causing major storage problems for Lancopak.

The solution The solution

Molygran eradicated the issue. We met their last minute orders and so kept their stock levels to a minimum. From one-offs to thousands, nothing was too big or too small.

We also worked with the company to ensure they had the right products. For example, manufactured heavy duty doors must not touch when stacked and HD polystyrene is the perfect solution. Following issues with lower density polystyrene, Molygran provided samples and trials to find the correct density EPS for Lancopak and was able to accommodate all the different sized boards they required.

“It’s a very long standing relationship between ourselves and Molygran. We’re looking at 17 years. There have been no issues, it’s a fantastic service. If we need quick turnaround, they accommodate. We’re very similar, both being family run businesses, very close knit and they have a laugh. Molygran are a relatable company who will pull out the stops to keep our company going.”

Barrie Makinson - Company Director