Project Overview

Transporting goods that weigh up to 1 kg each, but have a fragile exterior can present a challenge, especially if they also need to be kept at a stable temperature, using some form of an insulated box. Add to that a value of £100 per item, and carefully choosing the right packaging becomes imperative.

warton metal
insulated box


  • Polystyrene boxes are insulated boxes which ensures temperature control
  • Custom product packaging has reduced breakages and reworks/replacement costs
  • Polystyrene packaging provides a far more robust protection
  • Polystyrene moulds save on time – quick to pack
  • Bespoke polystyrene packaging improves the aesthetics from polystyrene cubes
  • Molygran provide a design and draw up service when requested
  • Molygran and their polystyrene expertise will ensure the right solution is found
  • Molygran’s solution has improved customer satisfaction

The brief The brief

Warton Metals manufacture solder paste which is shipped across the UK, Europe and China. The paste is stored in tubs, and originally placed in cardboard boxes lined with polystyrene sheet and then packed with polystyrene cubes.

Unfortunately, the company found the tubs were too heavy to be held in place by the small cubes. They banged against each other in transit and became damaged. When a consignment to an important customer in Europe needed completely replacing, it was clear something had to be done.

A cardboard alternative was suggested but (a) the goods required a stable temperature on their travels and cardboard has little insulating qualities and (b) the boxes of tubs could not be stacked as cardboard could not support the weight.

So the company turned again to polystyrene, modelled a possible solution and approached Molygran for help.

The solution The solution

Molygran used CAD to refine the suggested design and ensure a snug fit for the valuable tub, using their CNC controlled hot wire profiler to create a two-part polystyrene ‘mould’ to fit around the top and bottom of the containers.

Samples were then used to test the moulds’ performance. A ‘three pot’ mould was sent on an almost 250 mile round trip from their Blackburn site to their Bridlington office and back. All pots remained in perfect condition.

Further rigorous testing was conducted by Steve Horrocks, the company’s design manager, at their North West factory: “I put the pots in their polystyrene box and dropped them with my arms out in front of me three times! Then, just for the crack of it, I kicked it about 10ft down the floor, picked them up and they were all still intact!”

The new polystyrene moulds are now used for all deliveries, and complaints about damaged goods have been almost eradicated.

“I’m amazed by how quickly things come in from Molygran,” Steve continued. “I can place and urgent order on the Monday and they can be with us by Thursday. We get a project, we discuss it with you guys, and you always exceed expectations; whether it be visiting us here to discuss our needs and requirements or providing samples, you will always work things to help as much as possible.”

Steve Horrocks - Design Manager