Project Overview

Selfies have become such a part of everyday life that the word has been listed in the Oxford English dictionary since 2013!

Given their popularity, AF Creative Hairdressing decided ‘selfies’ would be the perfect way to demonstrate the ‘before’ and ‘after’ look for their clients. All they needed was a large selfie frame for the pictures.

giant polystyrene frame
personalised selfie frame


  • Polystyrene provided a lightweight but durable solution for the giant frame
  • Polystyrene can be easily painted and decorated
  • Polystyrene can be cut to even the most delicate and intricate designs
  • Molygran offered the full service from draw up and design to painting the finished product
  • From 1 to 1,000- no order is too small for Molygran
  • Molygran provide world class quality products

The brief The brief

The popular hairdresser wanted to bring a bit of branding into the “before and afters” images of their haircuts, colours and up-do’s, looking to increase their social media following. The giant frame had to be unique to the salon and include the company’s intricate logo.

Personalised selfie frames, usually made from cardboard, are popular at weddings and other special occasions. However this frame would be used frequently over a long period. It needed to be robust to withstand constant handling, large to frame the model’s body but also light enough to be picked up by clients.

The salon owners did not think cardboard would be strong enough. So, it had to be polystyrene. Polystyrene I hear you ask? Surely that can’t be robust enough? Surely that won’t look good?

Take a look for yourselves…

The solution The solution

Molygran ensured the design and manufacture of the giant selfie frame was a smooth and simple process. They provided the full service, from drawing up the design, manufacturing the pieces of the frame, decorating and gluing.

The logo was made from delicate small lettering with some extra details that put the ‘CAD to CNC’ machinery to the test as it required extreme precision when cutting.

The polystyrene was also the perfect weight. Made from 98% air, even at 1m by 1.2m at 50cm deep, the large selfie frame could still be held by one person.

Salon Director Angie Bamber was delighted: “The polystyrene has worked better than I could have imagined. I was concerned over the finish, especially of the small lettering of the logo. Polystyrene is quite a bulky material so I was not expecting the delicate finish that Molygran was able to achieve, especially with the glittering of the letters, that gave it a fantastic finish! I’m really impressed with the outcome. The giant frame has been a huge hit with not only all the team, but the clients too. It’s allowed us to bring a bit of branding into our images whilst keeping it fun!”

Angie Bamber - Salon Owner