Project Overview

It often pays to know what you’re good at and stick to it. One Molygran customer is a specialist in making packaging supplies, namely flat pack cardboard boxes. But the company was often asked to provide a full packaging service, giving them a dilemma. Should they diversify their manufacturing capabilities or outsource additional packaging materials required that they didn’t make, such as polystyrene sheets, cut pieces and inserts?

packaging supplies cardboard boxes


  • Polystyrene allows us to offer increased packaging supplies
  • Polystyrene can be cut to as inserts to fit into any size cardboard box
  • Polystyrene offers cost effective protection during transport
  • Molygran provide the polystyrene expertise
  • Molygran work hard to fit into our delivery schedules
  • Molygran’s service is top class

The brief The brief

With such a wide range of requests, from simple polystyrene inserts for cardboard boxes, to specialist cut pieces for point of sale displays, they needed a supplier that could not only meet their varying demands, but be local enough to keep their turnaround time and transport costs to a minimum.

The solution The solution

Molygran stepped in to provide the expertise needed, fulfilling our aim to complement and draw attention to our customers’ products, not our own. Customers of wholesale packagers forget the packaging when pricing a job, so they look for a material that will provide the support required but at a price that will not alter the pricing of their products. Polystyrene is a popular choice for a packaging material as it is cheap but also robust. Molygran offer samples to ensure the correct density of polystyrene is used, so there’s very few complaints about the performance of the packaging during product transport.

We seamlessly fit into the schedules of other companies to bring our polystyrene expertise and knowledge to bear, in this case allowing this firm of wholesale packagers to expand their range of products.

As the company’s sales director commented: “I’ve dealt with Molygran and Tracey for 13 years and things are great, I get on with Tracey so I stay with Tracey. We’ve had prices from other people and they’re more or less in the same ballpark, but I stick with the service. You can’t beat Molygran’s service.”