Project Overview

The Project – Polystyrene Props

We are often making polystyrene props at Molygran. However, a polystyrene prop for a 3-year-old… not something you’d think of getting as a mother for your child. What if that polystyrene prop was a giant version of their favourite cartoon character?

Anyone with a child under 10 will know the Nickelodeon TV programme Paw Patrol as well as its much-loved doggie characters, including Chase, the police pup. So when a mum wanted something special for her son’s third birthday party, it could only be one thing. A giant version of Chase.

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polystyrene props
giant chase paw patrol


  • Polystyrene props are lightweight in comparison to other materials used for props
  • Polystyrene can be easily decorated to create eye catching props
  • Polystyrene can be easily cut to create desired shapes
  • Molygran have extremely quick turnaround times
  • There is no order too small for Molygran
  • Molygran provide same day quotes

The brief The brief

The mum’s idea was to get a giant Chase for the event and make a bit of a feature of it. She was looking for something that would be lightweight enough to be easily moved but strong and sturdy enough to withstand the attentions of the excited young party-goers! She also needed a quick turnaround as the idea had come to her at the last minute, and enough time would have to allowed to also paint the model to look like Chase.

The solution The solution

For Molygran, no job is too big or too small, so the team got their thinking caps on, to make a little boy’s dream come true. With good knowledge of the display and prop scene, Molygran knew polystyrene would provide the best solution. It’s generally quite cheap – good for a children’s party – and also very light, being 98% air, and is not only good for small home celebrations but also large corporate events, as it is extremely versatile.

After some thought, they decided on a “pin the badge on Chase” model as it was less likely to be damaged and could be kept for future use if needed. Molygran required a silhouette image of Chase which the client was able to source. A proof was then sent over and the order was confirmed the same day that Mum had contacted Molygran.

Mum was delighted with the result: “After speaking to Tracey who is head of sales, to explain what we were looking for, we heard back from her within a few hours with a price for the shape and confirmation that it could be done within two days - perfect! Molygran were very reasonably priced and really helpful in the ordering process.

“At the party, Chase managed to remain in one piece despite being dragged around the garden by a bunch of 3 year olds and now remains a feature on the playroom wall - full of stickers from the party game!

“I can fully recommend Molygran.”

Katie Coghlan - Mum