Project Overview

When you’re shipping up to 300,000 pieces of office furniture a year, you need a packaging supplier at the top of their game.

Leading manufacturer Senator produce desks, tables, storage and screens at their East Lancashire plant for delivery to 70 countries. They take great care making their furniture and, uniquely in the UK, can provide customers with a laser edge finish. So when it comes to protecting their desktops in transit, Senator come to Molygran, and have done since 2000.

Packaging is a throwaway commodity to customers but to the supplier, it’s vital to ensure their product survives its journey to the client, often overseas. As experts in polystyrene, Molygran can identify the best density, cut and shape of polystyrene sheets to pack your product.

senator desks
u shaped protector


  • Polystyrene packing pieces provide reliable protection for overseas delivery
  • Bespoke polystyrene pieces can be cut to specific sizes
  • Polystyrene packaging can save thousands of pounds worth of damage
  • Molygran has excellent communication through all stages
  • Molygran understands customers needs and product requirements
  • Molygran have extremely quick turnaround times

The brief The brief

Shipping so widely, the export department need a packaging material that will stand up to extensive transit and keep their products in pristine condition from A to B. Senator provide furniture and equipment for a wide range of sectors, including the healthcare industry, so it’s important there are no time delays or other issues when the tables arrive.

It can also be a valuable cargo. For example, a 1600mm x 400mm table can cost £3-4000. One shipment can take anything up to 300 desktops with a total value of £900,000+

Using Molygran’s cut polystyrene sheets, on average less than 1% of shipments arrive damaged because we take care to understand the importance of our customers’ products and how critical the packaging can be.

The solution The solution

Polystyrene has a wide variety of densities and it is important to use the correct one for each product. A low density polystyrene will cushion any impact, whereas higher density polystyrene is more rigid, working better for table tops which are much heavier and would therefore damage a low density polystyrene.

Polystyrene sheets have been cut to fit the packaging for the tables so they can be easily assembled and whilst it’s “just a block of polystyrene”, it does a huge amount in supporting the table.

Ben Davies from Senator’s purchasing department knows he can rely on Molygran to get it right: “It’s not just simply placing the order with Molygran. They always ask ‘what am I ordering, what am I ordering it for, where does it go’ and that for me is massive. Molygran always gets to know our needs to ensure we have the right product.

“The polystyrene sheets are almost as important as the table tops because, without them, our products wouldn’t arrive in the condition the customer expects. The export department is very, very happy with Molygran’s service.”

Ben deals with the furniture company’s myriad suppliers, and Molygran is “definitely in my Top 10.”

“They’ve been brilliant and I just can’t fault them. As a supplier, they are what you expect them to be and they do not disappoint. If I place an order on a Monday, needing it for the following Monday, it will be here by then or, more often than not, before then.”

“Communication is key,” Ben continues. “Once we order, I hear back from them straight away. If they can’t fit us in, we come to an arrangement. There are no broken promises. So many promise the world and then don’t deliver, and it all falls back on me. But I know I can count on Molygran.”

Ben Davies - Purchasing Department