World Cup Event Props
26th June 2018

With the World Cup in full swing, England’s next game on Thursday and after their success on Sunday, we have been receiving an influx of enquiries for football-themed events. Giant event props have become increasingly popular over the past few years, becoming a focal piece for events such as exhibitions, promotional and corporate events.

Our customers often worry they are asking silly or weird questions- they’re not! The weird and wonderful is what we specialise in!

“What is the biggest size football you can make?”

giant polystyrene football

A giant 4ft polystyrene football, we’d like to see the England team try and kick this one around!

Giant polystyrene lettering has also been popular…

giant polystyrene F

It may sound strange, but polystyrene is the secret hidden ingredient for spectacular marketing displays. It’s all about EPS…

Molygran & Co. are specialists in custom polystyrene, adding uniqueness to your signage, event decorations, display or merchandising stand. We bring ideas to life. Our exhibition range focusses on displaying your products to its full potential. We don’t draw attention to our products; we draw attention to yours.

Polystyrene is a versatile material for graphics and display products. The benefits of EPS have been proven time and time again;

  • EPS is strong
  • EPS is light-weight
  • EPS is water resistant
  • EPS is economic
  • EPS is fully recyclable

Expanded polystyrene can be shaped into almost anything, with our CAD/CAM technologies and hot wire machinery, even the most intricate designs can be created. Here at Molygran, we provide a full service which can include painting/glittering of your prop in your required colour, including matching specific Pantone references. You can view our advice article on decorating polystyrene here.

We’ve been having a think what else we could do to support England this year… keep your eyes out because we have a little something to share in the next few days!