Project Overview

Walk into your local cake shop. The smell of baking, the tempting sight of soft sponge oozing with cream, the urge to try that little sample on offer on the counter. Not the place for polystyrene? Well, look a little closer.
Ever heard of cake dummies?
Those samples of wedding cakes in the window. How long have they been there? That birthday cake too. In fact, cake shops discovered some time ago that making proper cakes simply for display was a waste of time, money and cake. Sitting in the sun, it was not long before the contents became stale or mouldy.


  • Polystyrene cake dummies save both time and money in replacing freshly baked cakes
  • Polystyrene cake dummies do not replacing unlike real cake
  • Polystyrene can be cut to represent any shape size or shape
  • Molygran are able to meet all polystyrene needs, from general polystyrene chips to specific cut shapes
  • Molygran are able to meet our needs in the busy festive season
  • Molygran assist us in both special one off sizes to large bulky orders

The brief The brief

Something was needed that could be decorated but wouldn’t deteriorate after months on display. A product that could be made in all shapes and sizes to provide a light, inert interior to support all the external decoration, perfect for both shop displays and cake decorating classes.

The solution The solution

Cue polystyrene cake ‘dummies’. Molygran makes dummies for suppliers and individual shops and there’s no sign of demand slackening. Slattery’s in Bury has been using our dummies since 2004. They find polystyrene is perfect because it doesn’t sink and is robust enough to take the weight of some of their more extravagant decorative creations on top!
Slattery’s also use Molygran polystyrene chippings for their mail order Christmas hampers, to sprinkle a little seasonal ‘snow’ among the goodies but, more importantly, to ensure the contents are packed safely and will remain secure in transit. In the run-up to Christmas, demand picks up, as Jo explains: “I think we’re ringing you every week and getting bags and bags of it and just basically anything spare that you have because we’re always running out!”

Molygran strive to excel in customer service and aim for fast turnaround with possible same day collection when needed, which allows the workflow to remain smooth and all hamper orders to be sent for delivery within their allocated timescales.

Polystyrene is the wonder product – from wedding cakes to Christmas hampers, we always find a use for it!

“After using cake for many years for our display items it came to the point where we asked ourselves ‘why?’
“Take the average 3 tiered decorated cake, the smallest size can cost over £100 to make. Not just the time, ingredients and effort put into making the cake and the decoration, it would all eventually go to waste, purely because the inside foundation; the cake, would need replacing. Polystyrene has provided the solution.”

Jo Naven - Store Manager