Project Overview

Polystyrene is often the material of choice for anyone who needs stylish but adaptable brand imagery. For a local pilates instructor, polystyrene offered a cost effective solution for a portable custom sign and wall art decals. With a brand style in mind, Molygran was brought in to draw up the final logo on CAD and create a lasting feature for the studio.

company sign


  • Polystyrene provided the most cost effective choice for the logos
  • Polystyrene provided a portable, yet durable final product for the custom signs
  • Polystyrene gave the stylish finish required for the logo
  • Molygran were able to provide a draw up service for the logo shape
  • Molygran provided assistance from start to finish, including technical advice regarding the polystyrene

The brief The brief

Local instructor Andrea was looking to brand her pilates classes which are offered through a private health care programme in Lancashire. She wanted to raise awareness about the classes to attract more participants.

She chose a suitable brand image and looked for the right material to bring it to life. The sign had to be portable because the location of classes could change depending on room availability. Decals only offered a permanent solution and, even though the acrylic signage would look good, the fixings would leave marks on the wall and be quite time-consuming to put up. Researching various options, polystyrene became a contender as the choice material.

The solution The solution

However, Andrea was concerned about the durability of polystyrene and the quality it could offer for a custom sign. The acrylic decals had a very professional and stylish finish and she doubted polystyrene could achieve a similar standard. She also questioned its durability as it needed to withstand being moved on a regular basis. Molygran worked with Andrea, using the best grade of polystyrene to meet her needs, and provided a sample for her to test.

Once Andrea was reassured, the final image was created in various sizes to fit different locations around her building, then finished in black to make it stand out.

“Molygran were really helpful from start to finish,” Andrea commented. “ I was concerned about fixing the polystyrene to the wall but when double sided tape was suggested, I was sold!.

“I am really pleased with the outcome. The imagery looks very stylish and professional and my custom sign is really easy to fix into place, as Molygran promised. The service has been exceptional and they have been extremely helpful despite the fact it was only a very small order.”