Project Overview

The world of baking, sugarcraft and cake decorating is fascinating…not to mention delicious!

With the success of programmes such as Great British Bake Off, the demand for courses teaching sugarcraft skills and decorating has risen dramatically and, with it, the need for suitable materials like cake dummies and fake cakes.

You don’t need the real thing to practice sugarcraft and decoration. It’s a waste of good cake and also takes too long to bake, time that could be spent honing your decorating skills. So, polystyrene cake dummies have become an extremely sought-after product.

fake castle cake
polystyrene castle


  • Polystyrene saves needless wasting of cake baking
  • Polystyrene provides the durable base required for cake decorating
  • Polystyrene can be cut make any desired cake shapes
  • Molygran provide an extremely quick turnaround for all orders
  • Molygran provide a whole service

The brief The brief

For over 60 years, one North West cake craft supplier has consistently brought innovative new products to the industry. They required a wide range of shapes and sizes for their cake dummies. But with limited space in their wholesale section, the dummies often had to be sent to another site for shrink wrapping and boxing, which slowed down production and increased costs. The company realised they needed a supplier who could provide both the products and a complete service.

The solution The solution

Molygran were the only local polystyrene convertor able to meet the needs of the company. From manufacturing the products they required, to shrink wrapping, labelling and boxing to exacting standards, Molygran has significantly reduced the picking time within their storage facilities whilst also halving their delivery costs and time.

There is no limit to the shapes that foam cakes can be shaped into. Molygran provide everything from the simple round and heart cake shapes to complex 3D castle cake designs for decorating.

“Molygran are a dream supplier and have been for almost 20 years,” a company spokesperson commented. “If we have a customer needing a strange shape, one that we don’t stock regularly, straight away you’re all over it with samples and prices. We just couldn’t ask for a better supplier, always willing to assist in any way to help.”