Project Overview

Rubber is an important commodity in many industrial processes. However, given its size, weight and consistency, it’s not the easiest to transport safely and efficiently. One Molygran client uses rubber to manufacture entrance mats for clients such as CWS, Lindström, Initial UK, PHS, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. The rubber is transported in large rolls which presented quite a challenge until Molygran came up with an ingenious solution for their dunnage – polystyrene cradles!

polystyrene cradles for dunnage
polystyrene cradles


  • Polystyrene complies with international standards for dunnage and packaging
  • Polystyrene can be cut to help the delivery of difficult shaped products
  • Polystyrene packaging is extremely light weight
  • Molygran supply samples to help with the trial of a new product
  • Molygran’s rapid production keeps their lead time to a 2 week turnaround even in peak seasons
  • Molygran work alongside their customer to provide solutions to their problems

The brief The brief

Trading since the 1850’s, Molygran’s client is a global innovation leader combining science and design to create speciality chemicals and floor coverings. They have sites across the UK for different divisions of the company, as well as the US, Europe and China.

Only one plant in the company manufactures the rubber used to make the entrance mats, so it’s important that everything runs smoothly. No customer will expect to wait longer than two weeks for a mat so, if it can’t be delivered by then, someone else gets the order.

Deliveries sent across the globe need to arrive on time and undamaged, as sister plants are relying on them. In addition there are strict rules importing into China. Previously, products have been incinerated when guidelines have not been met, including the materials used for their dunnage, packaging and pallets.

The solution The solution

For over 17 years, Molygran has provided this company with an effective solution – high density expanded polystyrene cradles. The heavy rubber rolls are large and difficult to store within the racks on site and polystyrene cradles offer the most cost effective solution. Using the polystyrene cradles also allows the company to double stack the rolls and improve our delivery rates and costs.

Through using polystyrene for the cradles, they have been able to improve processes in other areas of the mill. EPS is also used as a layering material between the mats. Molygran helped with trials chamfering the edges of the polystyrene boards used as packing between the mats to provide support during storage. The original sharp edges of the polystyrene led to rubber waste where it bent around the edges. Working alongside Molygran to design a softer edge has been a huge improvement.

“With such quick turnaround times and a seasonal business that can see order sizes triple, we needed a company that could keep up with the demand, and over 17 years later.. I think we have!”, commented the company’s Sourcing Manager.

“In a very cost driven industry that is becoming very automated we need reliable suppliers that will keep to the times they give and that are also not costing the earth.

“The polystyrene works well as it is reusable which keeps our costs low, and even with wear and tear the products still do their job.

“Molygran have worked alongside us for many years, listening to the challenges we have needed to overcome and have always provided the solution.”

B.S - Sourcing Manager